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For corporate sponsorships please write to [email protected] .

Thanks to your support we are able to:

  • Hire developers to work part-time or full-time on Godot Engine.
  • Create high quality demo artwork under a permissive license.
  • Purchase hardware required to develop Godot.
  • Pay for hosting of some web services.
  • Cover travel costs to notable industry events (e.g. GDC, Gamescom).
  • Produce merchandise for events (T-shirts, banners, stickers, etc.).

Your donations will be received by the Godot Foundation , a non-profit organization that manages the funds for the Godot project. Our Patreon is still handled by Software Freedom Conservancy on behalf of the Godot project. Whichever method you choose, the funds will be used to support Godot development.


The Patreon donations are processed by the Software Freedom Conservancy . We are transitioning to the Godot Foundation, you can learn more about it in our blog post or the SFC's announcement .


The Godot Foundation accepts donations via PayPal. Funds may be directed to [email protected] . Please consider making a recurring donation.

Bank Transfer

If you are sending from the EU, or if you want to make a large donation, you can make a direct bank transfer.
For questions, contact [email protected] .

Send payments to:

Stichting Godot
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The Netherlands

BIC/Swift code: TRIONL2U
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Bank: Triodos Bank
Postbus 55
3700 AB Zeist
The Netherlands

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For corporate sponsorships please write to [email protected] .