New Account

Before Creating Your Church/Organization Account:

  1. Make sure your church/organization doesn't already have an account.
    • If you create a duplicate account, it can cause delays in order processing and impacts quality of service.
    • If you can't determine if you have an existing Group account from your church records or other church staff, we can help. Please call 1-800-447-1070 or email
  2. Be sure to fill out all the account creation fields with your church/organization information rather than personal information.
    • Gather your church/organization name, address, billing address. Also, name, email, and phone for the church/organization AND the account administrator (i.e. ordering/billing contact).
  3. Once you create a church/organization account, make sure all staff order through the church/org account (rather than purchasing as an Individual or Guest), so you get credit for all purchases made.